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          Glasses Guide heralds the introduction of the new Series II (88" model).


Glasses Guide heralds the introduction of the new Series II (109" model).

March 14th

First production Series II's started to be built. Initially 25 of each model type and variant.
April Official end of Series I production.
Land Rover Owners Club "Review" of the new Series II
April 9th Article in the "Times" newspaper about the new Series II
April 16th Article in the "Motor" magazine about the new Series II

April 18th

Article in the "Autocar" magazine about the new Series II
April 30th The official launch date of the Series II
This coincided with the 10th Anniversary of the original Land Rover (a.k.a. Series 1) launch.
A new 2.25 litre petrol and the old (Series I) 2 litre diesel engines were available.
88" models retained the old (Series I) 2 litre petrol engine until the late summer of 1958.
October The Series II 109" Station Wagon was now in production. (launched at the Motor Show)
2.25 litre petrol engine introduced.
  The one-piece floor section was replaced by 3 separate panels.
November Production starts of the Series II Santana made under licence in Spain.
The warning lamps changed to plastic bodies.
November 250,000th Land Rover produced.
Sometime during this period the "Solihull, made in Warwickshire" badges replaced the
          "Birmingham, England" badges. Nobody knows why or when.
          The early chassis plates were of a red anodised finish, although there were some black ones fitted.
By the end of 1960 they had all changed to the black finish.
August New bulkhead feet & clutch slave bracket (slight move over to clear new exhaust system)
October 1961 model year changes:
New thermostat & housing
New exhaust manifold & down pipes
New longer steering column, now with centre horn push
New fuel filter arrangement (diesel) bulkhead mounted
          New nylon pipe fuel system to replace the metal
      New dipswitch (Lucar terminals instead of screws ?)
  New main beam warning light in new position on dash
New engine (wiring) harness to avoid exhaust system
          New seat box, the diesel now has centre tool box as 2nd battery is now under passenger seat
December         New 88" rear springs, increased camber (insufficient bump stop clearance on old)
  The vent control knobs were phased out to be replaced by levers.
  The indicator switches slowly changed to the column mounted Magnatex type and
a centre horn push on the steering wheel.
February         Location stop for jack fitted under chrome balls.
May New indicator kit available for 1961 models.
June New 3 mark dipstick.
New Solex carb B40 PA10 - from engine 151117643 onwards.
New ball joint set up - from axles 141107338 for 88" & 151108874 for 109".
July New gear lever - has O-ring fitted for anti-rattle improvement from 141100981.
Indicators became standard fittings.
Separate indicator lights were fitted at the front, outside of the side lights.
The rear indicators were mounted above the stop/tail lights.
The oil warning lamp changed to green and had "oil" engraved in the lens.


The charge warning lamp was changed from green to red.
August 31st End of Series 2 production.

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updated 16th January 2017

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