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General Discussion / Re: Dogs (big) in back of a SW...
Last post by Larry S - Today at 02:15 AM
Winston's definitely a Rover mutt.

General Discussion / Re: Dogs (big) in back of a SW...
Last post by diffwhine - Yesterday at 11:14 PM
I reckon the censors should be checking out that first image... :thud
General Discussion / Re: Dogs (big) in back of a SW...
Last post by island dormy - Yesterday at 10:57 PM
  My dog likes riding up front.
  However she's not much of a guard dog.

General Discussion / Re: Two oil-filler/breathers. ...
Last post by Alan Drover - Yesterday at 10:35 PM
I remember now that I've got a spare ERC2866 and filler cap somewhere in the garage.
General Discussion / Re: A 'No beard' icon? I see.....
Last post by Alan Drover - Yesterday at 10:33 PM
Don't insult sheep!
Quote from: Alan Drover on Yesterday at 04:51 PMThe landlord of my watering hole has both.It's a fashion fad just like the kiss curls and teddy boys with their DA's in the 1950's.

Yes, the need for the ovine to conform is a long way from original.
Yes, I looked at those prices - made no sense. What I want is better achieved for £30odd and have it done.

I like the idea of making a proper PCV. Done right, lowering crankcase pressure may well give some, emphasis on 'some' gains into the bargain. PVC on the other hand, is summint kinky...

Racers put vacuum pumps on c/cases.
General Discussion / Re: What have you done today w...
Last post by Larry S - Yesterday at 09:03 PM
Quote from: island dormy on Yesterday at 08:08 PMHi Larry

  Yes my buddy rebuilt the complete system everything. I have also heard it is very bad to mix and match silicon and normal brake fluid. I normally hit the brake lights before I open the garage door that shows up red on the door I know they work then.

  He has had so many hydraulic brake switch failures he always keeps one in stock. He wants everything  absolutely original I think he even imports bottled air from Briton to put in the tires. If you think some landrover owners have the rivet counter disease in a bad way you have seen nothing till you go to a Jag club concurs event. They take it to a whole new level. Which is fine.



I know the type!
General Discussion / Re: Electric fan choice
Last post by NoBeardNoTopKnot - Yesterday at 08:56 PM
Purists. Avert thine eyes.

Rather more extreme than required for most - I have lots more going on- here's my bulkhead fusebox (FB). The blue wire that leaves the bulkhead FB goes to the 3 x relay strip blue line in front of the radiator. . The other 2 x relays feed Hi & Lo beam.

If you run heated-screens and such, you'll need to put this sort of thing in. Or it won't work, or.. if it does work, won't stay that way.

The Blue, the grey, the brown, the red, and the brown/black go separate fusebox/ relay strips around the vehicle. Junked the melt-your-loom stock FB years ago. 3-4 25A fuses on hte WHOLE vehicle... jeeeez.

If you fire your lights via separate feeds as shown, expect far, far brighter lights, than thru' the stock and 'oriible voltage-drop S2/S3 toggles & loom. This route has them fed near direct off the alternator. You do have an alternator? You do... good.
General Discussion / Re: Dogs (big) in back of a SW...
Last post by Alan Drover - Yesterday at 08:36 PM
These are mine. They ride in the back. They make no attempt to climb into the front as they're trained that their place is in the back.