Was it you? I saw my first 'real' Series in what must be 20 years...

Started by NoBeardNoTopKnot, Feb 07, 2024, 12:10 PM

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Yes - I think it was. I was too busy trying to keep my van loaded with Land Rover parts in a straight line in the wet to pay it too much attention.
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Quote from: Exile on Feb 08, 2024, 06:51 PM.....Surely one must have a screw loose...
..... I only do it to please Mr Topknot.
I hope he appreciates it.....

Oh I do, I do. Honest I do. It's because we care, we can't be sincere unless we're sincere.

Alan Drover

2 "rarities' seen today. A suffix V dark blue soft top SWB Series 3 and a young lady driving a Mazda RX8. I managed to have a quick chat with her and she has as well a Mazda RX7. I congratulated her for preserving 2 future classics. She was impressed when I told her I have a 1975 Land Rover.
Some time agoI was asked to get an RX7, which had been unused for a while, started. I think the garage who asked me to do it thought it would never start. With a jump start it started instantly much to my surprise and relief. Unfortunately it wasn't taxed so I couldn't take it for a blast.
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Was it you I saw today heading from the St Keverne direction towards Helston near Culdrose in a dark green S2.
There are one or two around here, a very fine one in Mawgan nearby.
No salt here which helps.


Surely sny landrover in Cornwall is exposed to large quantities of salt, not necessarily from the roads...
I'll get my coat


I concur... I once bought a 95MY Range Rover Classic from a Cornish trader on eBay. Bought unseen and I should have known better. It did not end well, but was as rotten as a pear.
1965 2A 88" Station Wagon


Ah yes, I'd overlooked the Atlantic ! Nevertheless if you own one here there's no extra salt on the roads and no that's not because the wind blown salt clears ice. Last year we had a black ice episode, quite an epic taking 21/2 hours to cover 4 miles on the lanes. Pretty tricky to walk reconnoitring the road before committing to the next section.


Quote from: diffwhine on Feb 13, 2024, 06:59 PMI concur... I once bought a 95MY Range Rover Classic from a Cornish trader on eBay. Bought unseen and I should have known better. It did not end well, but was as rotten as a pear.

next time buy a land rover owned by the royal marines...you might do a bit better! :RHD

my dad once had a 2a lightweight like that, the chassis looked like a patchwork quilt by the end of its life.


We see quite a few series and defenders on our regular trips up and down the east coast between Whitby and Skegness and generally get a wave. We try to run either of ours at least once a week whether that's for a job or a jolly. Also we're both relatively young (under 35)


As I cover about 75000 miles a year for work I am in the fortunate position of seeing a series being driven quite often in different parts of the country. I travel a lot to Manchester area over the A628 and pass a house with a few older vehicles including a 109 station wagon though I've never seen it moving. Also a bit further down in Hollingsworth there used to be a 109 SW parked up which I often saw heading towards Sheffield in the mornings. Haven't seen it for a long time now either parked or moving.
I confess my own 69 SWB 2a sits unused in my garage for far too long now despite being fully legal and working. Time just doesn't seem to permit it.

Regards Andy


75,000... wow. That a helluva lot of miles, you have to be HGV? I thought, in a car, 30K was fair. Parked-up I can take you to well over a dozen, moving... never. Not until the other day. None. Not one.

Good to hear you see them.

I've got a bloke near me that uses his to move logs and do the council tip-run. This once in a blue. Caps it by calling his a 'workhorse',  and the 'tool for the job'....

I've got coloured pencils.

My miles are rarely North of Birmingham, maybe that's it?

James Ham

I had a chat with a builder yesterday who uses a smart Series 3 as his daily drive for work in Southwest London.  It appeared to have been rebuilt with quite a few replacement panels. 

At the weekend there was a claxon behind me as I was turning into the drive where my garage is.  Without me realising a limestone (or similar) SWB station wagon had crept up behind me, but I only saw it over the hedge so couldn't see if S2 or S3.

I also saw a Series 3 driving through Battersea last week.  So a surprising number of vehicles in use in the area.


1965 2A 88" Station Wagon


Quote from: diffwhine on Feb 23, 2024, 02:55 PMAll ULEZ exempt so probably a good option.

Quite likely our topic starter will start to see more Series 2s out and about as the ULEZ starts to hit.
Until the exemption is removed  ???