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Road travels

Started by Bigdog, Feb 12, 2024, 07:56 PM

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Just interested in knowing what's the furthest you have traveled in your Land Rover series and where to, thanks


1000 miles to Samedan in Switzerland , probably 2600 or so miles in total . Similar distance to Norway & back ,both in  S1 86" SW. Longest in a 2B FC , to Netherlands & return  about 300 miles each way , that was a long way in a diesel!


Cape Town...
Couldn't do it now though. My back couldn't cope with going to the pub in a Series these days...
1965 2A 88" Station Wagon


Hi Bigdog, we did Glasgow to Billing aquadome, Northamptonshire for the club stand at the Landrover show in 2000 or 2001 touching 70 on the motorway with the newly fitted overdrive, great fun was had and even the previous owner turned up and introduced himself again after eight years. Coming back we stopped for lunch on the top of Stainmore on the A66 and the Landrover wouldn't start again, fuel evaporation I thought after the long climb, it did eventually start after pumping the fuel pump a few times and we arrived home okay but very tired. I reckon about 340 miles each way.
Not many photos of us at that event, does anybody have one or two.

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Dave & Daisy the Landy, 30 years of ownership and still smiling.


Furthest ?  ???

My furthest non stop trip was when I drove 700 miles - Turin to Calais non stop apart from fuel and ate in the vehicle on the move ... after a brief rest on the ferry of around 1 1/2 hrs I then drove the 250 miles back home !  Crazy.

This was after three months of touring Europe in a Series II ( 2.25 P+O/D )  I'd forgotten / suddenly remembered that I was due home to attend an extra special family wedding hence the mammoth trip, I just made it in time for the wedding and arrived in my travelling clothes at the venue ! After a short spell of hearing wedding vows I fell asleep in the church  :embarassed:


My personal record in my 109" is a whisker over 700 miles in a day, although I started and finished at home, so I didn't actually go very far in terms of distance from home that day. I have been all over the UK in it though.

My son and I are planning a trip up to Scotland in August, so that's a fair punch up from Dover.


Great reply's, would like to do a meet one day but it's a bit far from Argyll, Scotland in a 109 petrol


Grindelwald and the Eiger, to date...

Peter Holden

Went to Morocco in this one in 1967, it had a canvas roof then and I was still at school.  It was a 2l diesel, all the way across France and Spain at 50 mph



Would love to do something like that Peter

Peter Holden

We took 2 series 1 80"s to Romania in 1970, a Sheffield Polytechnic Caveing Expedition



Quote from: Bigdog on Feb 12, 2024, 09:13 PMGreat reply's, would like to do a meet one day but it's a bit far from Argyll, Scotland in a 109 petrol

I did Plymouth to Canterbury one day, then back again the next, when my Land-Rover was still 2.25 petrol powered. Most of the rest of my really big mileage was done with a 2.25 diesel.

We're going to be getting the ferry from Lochranza to Claonaig most likely, on our way north after visiting friends on Arran.

Land-Rovers were built to cover ground. No reason why you can't go anywhere you please in one. Other than the cost of the fuel, that is. It dawned on me today that it's going to cost me double what it would in the car to do the same distance. Still, it wouldn't be an adventure if it was straightforward. 🤣


Drove to Morocco in 2007. Now I have tinnitus!


Cheshire to Devon and back, other parts of the UK  from London.
Many years ago.
1961 88" 2286 petrol truck cab
1971 109" 2286 diesel station wagon

Alan Drover

Only Hampshire to Blisland in Cornwall for a holiday many years ago.
The farthest I went in 2023;was a 44 mile round trip to the Newbury Land Rover sares day.
Series 3 Owner but interested in all real Land Rovers.
"Being born was my first big mistake."
"Ça plane pour moi!"