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Started by Alan Drover, Apr 02, 2024, 08:53 AM

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Alan Drover

I was reading in an MG club magazine today that a driver who was insured received a letter from a police force stating that his car was not shown on the MID (Motor Insurance Database) site as being insured. This is the site that DVLA use to check the vehicle is insured when it's being taxed and also for the police who can carry out a check without stopping the vehicle and it could possibly be noted on ANPR cameras too. He sorted it out as he had a valid cover note but this made me wonder.
To check whether your vehicle is insured it's a simple matter of going to and entering your registration number. If shown as insured then ok but if not and you have a valid cover note you should contact your insurer who is responsible for updating this base.
I checked mine and it's shown as insured.
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I was pulled over by the police on the M5 about 15 years ago as no insurance showing.  After a lot of inconclusive phoning around they came to the conclusion I probably had insurance they sent me on my way but advised me to check with my insurers and MID.  I had been with NFU Mutual for years and checked when I finished my journey .I was insured but due to an alleged computer glitch , MID hadn't been updated. By next morning it was updated on MID.   


Handy wee website. Just renewed my insurance today, gone down a fiver from last year to £101 so be interesting to see how long it takes for info to be updated.