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Are they sure ?

Started by Theshed, May 14, 2024, 08:04 PM

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Not LandRover related at all. I don't think. But I read this headline on the Automotive news website and am quite concerned by it.

'Europe-U.S. JV to recycle EV batteries in Poland, central Germany'

So it's a US based publication commenting on European Automotive News.
Have they really put Poland into Germany ?!

Sorry I over done the font.


Some Americans, and I don't mean all Americans of course, think that the Netherlands are part of Germany, that Amsterdam is in Denmark and that Scandinavia is a cheese :cool

If I understand the ever riveting Recycling Today correctly, there will be 'a newly constructed electric vehicle (EV) battery recycling facility in Zawiercie', which we, not being Americans, all know is just to the west of Krajobrazwoy Orlich Gniazd, and also 'a new EV battery recycling facility in central Germany', which, well, is in central Germany. Headline Man got the screamer all wrong...

'64 S2a


Yes Richard, a comma where there ought be an and
1960 88" 2286 petrol truck cab
1971 109" 2286 diesel station wagon


It's  modern trend when putting items in a list I've noticed, the rule used to be
item1, item2 and item3
item1, item2, and item3 (if using the Oxford comma)

now it seems increasingly acceptable to have
item1, item3, item3

which as that headline admirably shows, can lead to all sorts of confusion.