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Articulated Land Rovers

Started by BradfordS2, May 21, 2024, 09:39 AM

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I've come against this at LR. From memory, it depends on how the tractor is configured. A 5th wheel arrangement removes the loadbed of a pickup which can change its classification. If the tractor unit remains as standard with a simple tow, then it's not defined as articulated, so you should be able to drive it on a standard licence.

I recall it being a grey area, but that was some years ago.
1965 2A 88" Station Wagon


I chatted to the Old man yesterday.
His Artic was New from memory.
He said he used to back it up to the pole, then lift the end on and then back up till it was on the trailer. Some sort of ratchet to fix it down.
He said the issue was when turning as the poles would stick out in the opposite direction and you had to be very careful not to hit anything.



Another pic I found. Looks to be a 109 rather than an 88.

What colour would they have been?


That's a great pic, and yes a 109 as the bulkhead is flat, not angled.

Colours were dark green and grey, with signwriting in cream I think.


Looks like signwriting was red


I wonder what happened to all those winches????



For anyone who may be interested, this is my progress so far. I have made the basics of the tractor unit section, this is made from a heavily modified Revell 1/24 Series 3 station wagon. Cut down to 88" wheel base, the ride height has been lowered to a more realistic level. I have fitted a resin Series 2 front end and cut the body down and fitted a resin truck cab. All resin parts from Motobitz Decals.

I have scratch built the Dixon-Bate 5th wheel coupling and mounting.

I have started to scratch build the trailer. I have decided to build the 9.5' wide flat bed version as it is easier to model. The swan neck part of the trailer is currently under way and proving tricky to get all the angles cut neatly!

Some pics of progress.

Alan Drover

Series 3 Owner but interested in all real Land Rovers.
"Being born was my first big mistake."
"Ça plane pour moi!"


That's great work.
I'll be doing something similar with a S3 kit.

None of the kits seem to do an 88" and there are very few S2's.

My plan is to make a replica of my own S2a. 1:35 scale.

I have the kit in a box, following a house move and hope to get around to it this winter.

Craig T

Looks great.

Certainly is a shortage of 88" models out there. AK Interactive have made some nice ones now but they are smaller in 1/35 scale.

I have one of these Monogram 1/24 models in the stash. It's been so long since I looked at it, I can't really remember what the quality is like. Long out of production though so if you find one and the seller knows what it is, they can sell for silly money.

I have the conversion kit for the Revell 109" SW to make it into a 2A from this company.
Still need to make my own windscreen hinges though and think about the best way to make series 2 door hinges.


Craig T

Maybe straying a bit from the topic here but this is an interesting company I have just found....

I can see myself building one of the Italeri 109"s into a Cuthbertson....



I like the look of the centaur conversion. Can't see one in 1/24 unfortunately, that is my preferred scale.

I've built a few Land Rover kits now, I also plan to build a replica of my 1960 88" from another Revell Series 3 109". It will need cutting down and modifying as usual!

Some pics of my collection so far.

Craig T

Great collection there, Very nice work.

I put together the titchy little 1:43 Airfix 107" recently. Great little build but yes, pretty small. It looked too clean once built so gave it a quick oil wash to dull it down and add some highlights to the panel gaps.
The kit didn't come with pedals or gear levers either so added them with trimmed down pins



Yes Ive got that one too!

Quite a nice little model.


Some great models on show here. I recently picked up the Tamiya pink panther and ambulance kits...