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Articulated Land Rovers

Started by BradfordS2, May 21, 2024, 09:39 AM

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Craig T

The Tamiya ambulance is great and I think it has been unavailable for a while now so you were lucky to find one. I built a couple of them probably 30 odd years ago now, went together very nicely.

The Pink Panther is also a great kit. It can be loaded up with a lot more kit than supplied in the kit as well. I seem to recall pressing the kit bags into plasticine, pulling them out again and filling the voids with plaster of Paris. Bit crude but worked at the time, I was probably 15 years old so no access to expensive rubber moulds and casting resins that I'm free to play with now.....  :cool 



A bit more progress on my Dixon Bate Land Rover. The trailer is pretty much there now, just a few minor details to finish off. I've fitted the parking brake mechanism and the chassis of the tractor unit is done and painted.

I've also finished my Ozzy style tray back conversion made from another Revell 109" Station wagon. Body cut down to a chassis cab and scratch built rear body fitted.

Peter Holden

Wouldn't expect it to be a problem if you can prove the mods were done more than 30 years ago

Not a land rover but in 1987 I cut a vehicle chassis within the wheelbase and exte ded it by 300mm.  DVLA didn't have a problem but for peace of mind I got an e gingers report and sent that to BOTH DVLA and I surer.  How things have changed