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New headlamp bowl kit that does not fit

Started by Ken, Jun 22, 2024, 12:40 PM

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I bought a pair of Lucas metal headlamp bowl kits from paddock. 27H8264Lucas for my lights in rad panel 2a. Said to fit S2 and 3.
I've just gone to fit them in the rad panel and they do not fit.
The 3 adjuster fixing screws on the panel and original headlamp retaining ring are on a 7 11/16 inch PCD
The ones from paddock are on a 7 5/16 inch PCD.
I have contacted paddock and will no doubt get a reply when they open on Monday but cannot see any alternative listed other than a choice of metal or plastic.
Can anyone suggest where the correct sized bowls and fixing rings might be found ?


are you sure that yours has the bowls ?
Not all lights in rad panel did. The panel with the recessed outer ring didn't, if you know what I mean


I'm unsure now whether it did have bowls, everything there was in such poor repair. I may have scrapped what remained. I have two rings for each lamp which I have kept though in too poor condition to be used. One has the 3 adjusting screws for aligning the lights. The other is the chromed one that secures the headlamp glass.
The rad panel has a raised boss on to which it all fits.
The 3 holes in the raised boss as well as the ring with the adjusters is 7 11/16 inch PCD
The paddock ring with adjusters is 7 5/16 inch PCD.
Paddock describe all of the kit as for S2 and 3.
My hunch is that there may be a difference in the PCD of these components between lights in rad panel and those in the wings.
Whatever, the items sold will not fit a lights in rad panel car with the raised boss to mount the lamps.
Which brings me back to my original question.
I can't be the only one with a lights in rad car who has needed new lamp fittings. Where can I find ones the correct size

Peter Holden

If you rad panel has raised areas where the headlamps fit then the standard bowls do not fit.  You need to look in the parts book which will show the correct fittings.  You panel takes fittings which are not bowls and fit from behind d the panel.  They are quite difficult to source in the UK



It strikes me then, that Paddocks should be told to amend their listing to say SIIA/III rather than SII/III.


The chrome rings are available from "Bull Motif Mini Spares" - product number 515218a,

Cheers, Kevlar


Thanks for the replies, I will look again at the parts book.

Nathan, the parts you pictured presumably are the right ones then. I measured across the 2 holes which are horizontal when installed to get the 7 11/16 inch measurement. Yours should be the same.


Quote from: Exile on Jun 22, 2024, 06:11 PMIt strikes me then, that Paddocks should be told to amend their listing to say SIIA/III rather than SII/III.

No, they fit S2, late 2A and S3, it's the '61-'67 2A models that they don't fit.


If your front rad panel looks like this with the raised lip, then yes you will need part number 601999x2


Mine's a 2a light weight, with horrible led headlights. No doubt they will be something even more unique when I get on to them.



Thanks for the comment about the parts book Peter and for the other responses too. The Bull motif mini chrome ring looks to have the 'keyhole' fixing like the original.
My car was registered in 68 and is a D suffix. According to the parts book the headlamp assembly with bowl was A and B. From series B on the arrangement was without the bowl.
It's probably a reasonable assumption that the earlier unit would fit the later series but what I've discovered is a change to a larger PCD on the adjuster screws which might have happened from B onwards but could also have been a running change.
My advice to anyone needing the later pattern would be to check this dimension.


I'm sorted out now on original parts that will fit, thanks to all those that helped.
I've been in touch with paddock about it and worked out where the problem is.
Looking for lights I entered S2 then lights. That brought up a succession of lighting options, at the head of which was the headlamp fitting kit including bowl. Their information says ' fits S1, 2 and3.
Beneath it is a red bar, 'add to cart'
There's nothing else. As I wanted a complete kit and it said fits S2 I clicked on add to cart and moved on to the next item on my list.
If however I'd opened up further details a new page would open in which it explains that it will not fit my car.
I've suggested to paddock that on the first page they give the full information that it only fits some, not all.It would have saved some trouble, a 40 minute round trip to the post office and the cost of return postage.
Surprising it hasn't come up as an issue for them before but I guess there's a first time for everything !


I would advise caution with the chrome ring, mine went rusty in a couple of weeks, the seller wasn't interested, blamed me for not cleaning it!! Check feedback of your chosen retailer.

I bought these stainless ones which can easily be adapted to fit: