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parts book

Started by JohnR2, Jun 23, 2024, 06:39 PM

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I've noticed a few mentions of 'the parts book' - is this an online resource or an old school real book that I should have?

Peter Holden

You either buy a hard copy or download a pdf file


Alan Drover

Very easy to download. If an idiot like I am can do it then anyone can.
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Here ya go;

I use both the paper and the pdf. Paper is usually quicker. :gold-cup


A PDF version is very convenient and the " pages " don't get grubby but I find it is a bit like surfing the internet where you end up getting distracted from your " mission " and digress onto all sorts of other pages ............  so for me a book is quicker on two counts Lol !!


If you're a S2C member they are all available in the technical section.


Couldn't be easier to get the Manuals you need, and can handle and get grubby.